Vienna Convention: fewer export barriers for Made in Italy goldsmiths

Italy will join the Vienna Convention: this will result in lower costs and export barriers for the 7,500 Italian companies in the goldsmith industry. On 16 September, the Council of Ministers approved the draft law on the accession of the Italian Republic to the Convention on the control and marking [...]

REact-Eu: €4.7 billion to Italy

The European Commission has granted 4.7 billion euros to Italy under REACT-EU to support the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic crisis and contribute to a sustainable socio-economic recovery. The new financing is the result of the modification of two operational programmes of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the [...]

New EU funds to the PON "Governance and institutional capacity"

With a reshaping of the React-EU programme, the European Commission granted 1.2 billion euros to finance the national operational programme "Governance and institutional capacity". Of this sum, 761 million euros will be allocated to the purchase of 68 million doses of vaccines against coronavirus. A further 374 million euros will [...]

The effects of the mobility bonus on the environment

The bonus for bikes and scooters reduce CO2 and particulate emissions. According to an estimate by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, the more than 660.000 "mobility bonuses" granted last year by the Government to encourage the purchase of goods and services for sustainable mobility, has had a positive impact on [...]

European Green Deal: Commission launches public consultation on cleaner air

The European Commission is launching an open public consultation on the review of EU air quality standards, a focal point of the European Green Deal. This review aims to align EU air quality standards more closely with the new World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations published yesterday and to strengthen provisions [...]

The export of Italian cheeses is growing

The export of Italian cheeses is soaring. An Ismea report reveals that after the light bending in value of the exports in 2020, the first semester of 2021 has made to record an increment to double digit of the shipments beyond frontier, is in the quantities (+11%) that in value [...]

The value of agricultural production grows

The value of organic agricultural production in Italy is estimated at 3.6 billion euros, with an increase of 1.9% compared to 2020 and an impact on the total agri-food stable around 4%. An encouraging fact reported by Ismea during the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural (Sana) that took place [...]

Software, “open source” drives European economy

The development and spread of "open source" software drives the growth of the European economy. A study published by the European Commission analyses the economic impact of "open source" software and hardware on the European economy. It is estimated that in 2018 EU-based companies invested around 1 billion euros in [...]