EU, 2021 investments for agriculture

A total of 182.9 million euros was allocated in 2021 for the promotion of agri-food products within and outside the EU. The work programme on promotion policy focuses in particular on the promotion of agricultural products and methods that more directly support the objectives of the European Green Deal, giving [...]

EU Commission, new rules on plastic waste

New rules on the export, import and shipment of plastic waste within the EU, are those adopted by the European Commission to prohibit the export of plastic waste from the EU to non-OECD countries, with the exception of clean plastic waste destined for recycling. Exports of plastic waste from the [...]

Economic agreement between the European Union and China

Historical economic agreement between the European Union and China: after seven years of negotiations and thirty-five mediation meetings, on 30 December 2020 Brussels and Beijing announced the "Comprehensive Agreement on Investment" (CAI), a bilateral agreement for economic investment worth 600 billion euros. The agreement, the details of which will have [...]

Covid-19, the second wave has held back the EU economy

The second wave of the pandemic is holding back the recovery of the European economy. This is what emerges from Istat’s new EURO-ZONE ECONOMIC OUTLOOK report. "After the marked increase in the third quarter - the press release accompanying the document reads - economic activity in the euro area is [...]

Airlines, EU Commission approves new aid scheme

The Commission has approved the Italian scheme which allocates 130 million euros to airlines to compensate for the damage suffered as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Once the green light will be given by the Commission, the Italian Government will be able to provide support in the form of [...]

Nature, environment, healthiness, slow times: Sardinia tries to spring back rethinking its approach to tourism. The recipe of Sardinian municipalities for a “Manifesto of the resilient Sardinia”

The pandemic leads the island tourist industry into a deep rethinking of Sardinia as a destination and of the way of promoting it. The challenge for the end of the crisis starts from Santa Teresa di Gallura; beaches, restaurants, accommodation facilities, a strong relationship with host communities: COVID-19 redesigns the [...]

Care & Industry Together Against Corona

The name is “Care & Industry Together Against Corona”; it’s a platform open to the meeting between supply and demand of innovative products and solutions, to share knowledge and practices during this phase of health and socio-economic crisis caused by the spreading of the COVID-19 contagion. Enterprise Europe Network, the [...]

Coronavirus, EU assures: “The agri-food sector showed a great proof of resilience”

The agri-food sector is under special surveillance by EU at the time of coronavirus. For the time being, one certainty: the sector “Is showing resilience, and continues to provide European citizens safe, high-quality food”. Word of European Commission, which continues to monitor all agricultural markets and trade in foodstuffs through [...]