The "European Unitary Patent" will be operational from 1st June 2023

From 1 June 2023 the European Patent Office (EPO) will issue the European Patent with unitary effect ("unitary patent"); this document twill allow, through the payment of a single renewal fee directly to the EPO, to simultaneously obtain patent protection in the 25 EU countries participating in the initiative, namely [...]
Alimenti laboratorio

Synthetic food and animal feed: production and sale stopped in Italy

The production and sale of synthetic food and animal feed has been stopped. The ban was introduced with a bill approved yesterday by the Council of Ministers "In accordance with the precautionary principle, the rules aim to protect human health and the agri-food heritage by prohibiting the production and marketing [...]
Smart home

Energy saving, new EU rules for home appliances in "stand by" mode

To reduce electricity consumption and CO2 emissions into the atmosphere. These are the objectives pursued by the European Commission with the approval of new rules concerning the "stand by" mode of home appliances and electronic devices . The new rules follow extensive consultation and consideration by the European Parliament and [...]
Borsa valori

Competitiveness of capital, a draft law simplifies procedures and opens up to SMEs

The Council of Ministers has approved a draft law introducing measures to support capital competitiveness . The draft law is an organic reform with the aim of encouraging the listing of companies, spreading the shareholding of the Italian Stock Exchange , supporting companies that aim to grow and increase their [...]
Commissione europea

Bureaucracy, European Commission simplifies practices for cross-border companies

More transparency and less bureaucracy for cross-border companies operating in the European Union. The European Commission has adopted a proposal for a directive to facilitate companies and to extend the use of digital tools and processes in the EU company law. The objective is to facilitate cross-border business transactions and [...]
Parlamento europeo

The European Parliament approves the law for environment-friendly houses

The European Parliament approved the negotiating mandate on the " environment-friendly houses " bill, designed to increase the rate of renovations and reduce energy consumption and emissions in the building sector . The approval of the Parliament in Strasbourg marks a decisive step towards the implementation of the European directive [...]
Guida uso pesticidi

The EU guide to reduce the use of chemical pesticides

The EU is continuing its efforts to reduce chemical pesticides in agriculture . The European Commission has recently published a database presenting an overview of the integrated pest management methods currently available, accompanied by a study assessing the effectiveness of these methods and the prospects for future adoption. The database [...]