EU Commission: an open, sustainable and assertive trade policy

Yesterday, 18 February, the European Commission defined its trade strategy for the coming years. Reflecting the concept of open strategic autonomy, it builds on the openness of the EU to contribute to economic recovery through support for green and digital transformations, as well as a renewed focus on strengthening multilateralism and reforming the rules of global trade to ensure that they are fa [...]

New guidelines on "Next Generation EU"

The European Commission has updated the guidelines for the preparation of the national plans "for recovery and resilience" to be submitted by each Member State to make use of the 672.5 billion euros of the Next Generation EU programme, the European Instrument designed to guide recovery from the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. The guidelines set by the Commission revolve around six [...]
Unione europea

EU, 3 billion euros for innovation

The European Parliament and the EU Member States have reached an agreement on the new strategic innovation agenda of the European Institute of Technological Innovation (EIT) and on an update of the EIT’s legal basis. Thanks to this agreement, the EIT will align itself with the EU’s research and innovation programme "Horizon Europe" (2021-2027) and will have a budget of almost 3 billion euros to gu [...]

Industry, EU provides 10 billion euros for new partnerships

The EU will provide nearly 10 billion euros in funding for the establishment of ten new partnerships between the EU, the Member States and industry. The aim is to accelerate the transition to a green, climate-neutral and digital Europe and to improve the resilience and competitiveness of European industry. As much funding will have to come from the investments of the partners who decide to join th [...]

Energy policies: the European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and the Environment is born

On 1 April 2021, the new European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and the Environment (Cinea) will be in operation, which will inherit all the activities and projects of implementation and energy efficiency so far carried out by the Energy Unit of the Easme Agency. Cinea, with a total budget of 52 billion euros for the period 2021-2027, will focus its work on supporting the implementa [...]
Climate change

Customs Agency, handbook on electronic commerce with Great Britain

The Customs Agency has published a handbook to guide e-commerce traders with Great Britain after Brexit. The document shall contain the necessary details for the preparation of the document intended for the final consumer, together with the charges and costs incurred by customs and the shipping costs to be borne [...]

EU measures to support digitalisation

The European Commission has published a guidance model to supervise Member States in measures to support the digitalisation of the media in the context of national recovery and resilience plans. The guidance template is a technical document providing sectoral guidance on the three cases where: the support does not involve [...]
Agricoltura, Industria, Servizi, Turismo

Marchi +3

La diffusione della cultura brevettuale e la lotta alla contraffazione, prevede la realizzazione di azioni finalizzate a supportare le imprese, in particolare le PMI, per la valorizzazione dei titoli della proprietà industriale.
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