Travel, new security measures for those arriving in Europe

International travellers entering the EU will have to comply with stricter rules to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. The new safety measures have been proposed by the European Commission in response to the spread of new variants of the coronavirus and a health situation which is still very unstable worldwide. The Commission has urged the use of updated criteria as regards the te [...]

EU launches the new "Agenda for the Mediterranean"

EU relaunches and strengthens the strategic partnership with neighbouring Mediterranean countries by proposing a new "Agenda for the Mediterranean". Under the new EU Neighbourhood, Development Cooperation and International Cooperation Instrument (NDICI), up to 7 billion euros would be allocated for the period 2021-2027 for the implementation of the Agenda. This amount could mobilise up to 30 billi [...]
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EU trade programme, food exports will increase by 2030

Thanks to the agreements provided for in the EU trade programme, between now and 2030, the agri-food exports of EU countries will increase significantly, and imports will grow to a smaller extent, creating overall a positive balance of trade. This is what emerges from a study carried out by the Commission’s Joint Research Centre and published in recent days. In particular, the analysis, which is a [...]

Economic agreement between the European Union and China

Historical economic agreement between the European Union and China: after seven years of negotiations and thirty-five mediation meetings, on 30 December 2020 Brussels and Beijing announced the "Comprehensive Agreement on Investment" (CAI), a bilateral agreement for economic investment worth 600 billion euros. The agreement, the details of which will have to be defined, opens up the Chinese market [...]

EU, 2021 investments for agriculture

A total of 182.9 million euros was allocated in 2021 for the promotion of agri-food products within and outside the EU. The work programme on promotion policy focuses in particular on the promotion of agricultural products and methods that more directly support the objectives of the European Green Deal, giving priority to organic products, fruit and vegetables and sustainable agriculture. "The pol [...]

Europe, a reserve for the member States to fight against COVID-19

A stock, in order to enable all EU Member States to quickly obtain the supplies needed to fight coronavirus, has been activated by the European Commission through the project “rescEU”. It will include a stockpile in common of emergency medical supplies, which will be stored in one or more Member [...]

Funding 2021-2027, new partnerships for Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe will be the name of the new programme which, from January 1st 2021 to December 31st 2027, will replace Horizon 2020, maintaining its structure, objectives and aims. The budget allocated for the European research and innovation program is around 100 billion euros and the current Commission proposal - [...]
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La diffusione della cultura brevettuale e la lotta alla contraffazione, prevede la realizzazione di azioni finalizzate a supportare le imprese, in particolare le PMI, per la valorizzazione dei titoli della proprietà industriale.
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