Rising costs, EU aid for farmers

Aid arrives for the sector, paralysed by the soaring prices of raw materials European aid is coming for the agricultural sector paralysed by the increase in raw material costs. The European Commission has presented an exceptional measure, financed by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development (EAFRD), to enable Member States to pay a one-off lump sum to farmers and agri-food businesses a [...]
alcune macchine agricole in azione

Istat, industrial turnover is growing

According to the institute data, March has recorded an encouraging +2.4% The turnover of the industrial sector is growing. According to data published by Istat, in March it is estimated that the turnover of the industry, net of seasonal factors, increased by 2.4% in economic terms, recording a positive trend on both markets (+2.6% domestic and +1.8% foreign). In the first quarter the total index g [...]
la sede dell'Istat

EU says yes to a 24 million euros worth Italian scheme to support the cooperatives

EU’s outstretched hand towards workers' cooperatives born to react to the Covid 19 pandemic. The European Commission has approved an Italian scheme worth 24 million euros to support cooperatives set up from 1 January 2022 in the form of small businesses, which were set up with the aim of detecting companies affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. The scheme aims to reduce labour costs incurred by eligi [...]

Covid, 60 million euros for the companies of the tourism and spa sectors

Sixty million euros to help the tourism and spa sectors to recover after the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. This is the budget of the Italian scheme proposed by the Government and approved by the European Commission to reduce labour costs incurred by private employers active in the tourism and spa sectors and to preserve and promote employment levels. Under the scheme, the aid wi [...]

110 million euros to support the entertainment, hospitality and catering sectors

The entertainment, hotel, catering and wedding sectors can count on a financial aid of 110 million euros to recover from the crisis induced by the Covid-19 pandemic. The European Commission has in fact approved an Italian scheme of 110 million euros prepared by the Government to support these particular production areas which, despite the lifting of the restrictive measures in force to limit the s [...]

The Mediterranean will become a SECA area: stop to sulphur emissions

The Mediterranean Sea is preparing to become a SECA area, Sulphur Emission Control Area, or an area in which sulphur emissions from ship traffic are significantly reduced through a number of instruments such as the obligation to use very low sulphur fuels or smoke abatement systems. The proposal to safeguard [...]

EU: on with minimum wage, but no obligation for Member States

A step forward in the establishment of minimum wages for all workers in the European Union. Yesterday, the European Parliament and the Member States reached a provisional political agreement on the draft directive on adequate minimum wages in the EU, envisaged by a European Commission directive of October 2020. The [...]

All data on funding and PNRR’s projects are online on OpenCup

Data on more than 70,000 development initiatives funded by the PNRR are available online. All information on funding lines related to Pnrr can be consulted thanks to the OpenCup Project, which is the new database dedicated to projects related to Pnrr. OpenCup has mapped funding and candidate initiatives, which shows [...]
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Fondo impresa femminile

Il Fondo a sostegno dell'impresa femminile è stato istituito al fine di promuovere e sostenere l'avvio e il rafforzamento dell'imprenditoria femminile, la diffusione dei valori dell'imprenditorialità e del lavoro tra la popolazione femminile e di massimizzare il contributo quantitativo e qualitativo delle donne allo sviluppo economico e sociale del Paese.

Legge 240/81 (leasing)

La Legge 21 Maggio 1981, n° 240 è uno strumento di concessione di contributi in conto canoni per le operazioni di locazione finanziaria di acquisto di beni mobili e immobili per le imprese artigiane, costituite anche in forma cooperativa o consortile, iscritte negli albi di cui alla legge 443/85, con esclusione di quelli appartenenti ai settori riportati nel regolamento regionale.

Legge 949/52

La Legge 25 Luglio 1952, n° 949 è uno strumento per sostenere lo sviluppo delle imprese artigiane, costituite anche in forma cooperativa o consortile, iscritte negli albi di cui alla legge 443/85, con esclusione di quelle appartenenti ai settori riportati nel regolamento regionale.
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