Invest in Sardinia

Why should an entrepreneur be interested in investing in Sardinia? There are at least 10 good reasons. But the real reason why you should invest in the Island is that Sardinia is a land of innovation. As widely reported in the Europe 2020 strategy, Sardinia aims to invest in a smart specialization model.

When choosing where to locate a business, the "geographic" factors are becoming less and less important while other strategic factors are gaining relevance; among them we can include the availability and the quality of the workforce, the availability of services aimed to increase productivity and the presence of  appropriate infrastructures.

Sardinia’s economy is based on real goods and cooperation. It has a strong tradition in the fields of tourism, agro-industry, crafts and advanced services but it has never neglected its traditional industrial processes. Sardinia offers you a development model that leads to the expansion of its well-established levels of excellence, focusing on technological services, green and blue economy, life sciences and agriculture.

Sardinia has an area of ​​approximately 24,000 sq km with a population of 1,66 million. The landscape is mostly mountainous, characterized by massive highlands and hilly areas arranged in an irregular manner. The only large flat area the Campidano region, which spreads inland for approximately 110 km between the Gulfs of Cagliari and Oristano. The coastline, made of rocky and sandy beaches, is over 1,800 km long.

Area industriale

Industrial areas in Sardinia represent the ideal location to establish and develop a business. The region has 234 industrial areas of different types. In this section, you can identify them through various search methods.

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