In-depth information


Who is the entrepreneur? What are its qualities? What’s his? These are all arguments that we will explain in depth. To become an entrepreneur is an important decision, a real challenge that can bring satisfaction, but it also involves risks and requires a great deal of work and total dedication.

What is the best strategy to grow a business? Let's find out together. If you have already started a business and you believe that you could obtain better results, you can start a development path.

"Internationalisation" is a concept that encapsulates many meanings and many can be the ways for a company to embark on its path. It represents a way to grow your business by turning to foreign markets, with new customers and competitors, working in a context that can be very different from the one you are operating in today.

The world of taxes and fiscal systems is very articulate and complex. An entrepreneur normally entrusts and adviser to guide him or her in the most convenient choices for his firm and to fulfil his legal obligations. The more the entrepreneur is aware of these aspects the better informed will be his choices.

We spend at work the most beautiful years and the most beautiful hours of our life: why should we sacrifice more?

When it comes to work safety, public opinion generally focuses on two aspects: the costs for businesses and the victims of injuries. In addition, people are tempted to think that the safety issues concern only dangerous jobs and never their own, but the situation is quite different.

The energy component has always played a key role in business. Continued rise in oil prices and increasing taxation increasingly involve the need for proper and rational energy management.

Innovation is not only created within large corporations, but it can be implemented in any small and medium-sized context, even in traditional sectors, provided that the company has the ability to meet its challenges.

Human resources are the fundamental asset for a business. To have skilled employees is crucial to the success of your business.

The environmental issues that a company has to keep under control are many. But being respectful of the environment is also an important opportunity for a company. In addition to the undeniable ethical and social value linked to environmental practices, being planet-friendly can be a competitive advantage for a business: there are many consumers and organizations (public and private) who prefer green products and services.