Tax and fiscal systems

The world of taxes and fiscal systems is very articulate and complex. An entrepreneur normally entrusts and adviser to guide him or her in the most convenient choices for his firm and to fulfil his legal obligations. The more the entrepreneur is aware of these aspects the better informed will be his choices.  

  1. Know the Taxes of the Fiscal System In Italy and their calculation criteria;
  2. understand, according to the legal structure you choose for your business, what will be the most convenient tax regime that you can adopt ;
  3. knowhowtocalculate the tax base and therefore the amount of taxes and fees that you will have to pay;
  4. learnabout tax and social contribution breaks for businesses;
  5. familiarise with the methods used by the Fiscal authorities to:
  • carry out controls;
  • carry out check-ups;
  • collect taxes.

For more information, consult the following institutional websites:


Agenzia delle Entrate

Consulenti del lavoro

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