Europe, a reserve for the member States to fight against COVID-19

A stock, in order to enable all EU Member States to quickly obtain the supplies needed to fight coronavirus, has been activated by the European Commission through the project “rescEU”. It will include a stockpile in common of emergency medical supplies, which will be stored in one or more Member [...]

Olbia Airport, a successful experiment: since its closure for the restyling of the airstrip, the airport has become a showcase for Sardinian excellence

With more than 30 thousand visitors, the airport smashed records of seasonal attendance. Over 100 events organised thanks to an imposing organisational machine and the involvement of more than 150 Geasar’s employees; additionally, 40 service and exhibitors’ enterprises cooperated and over 10 thousand euros have been collected in aid of [...]

Made in Italy’s ceramics set out to conquer New York

Ice, the Agency for the abroad promotion and the internationalization of the Italian enterprises, organized from May 17 to May 20 a collective exhibition, “Ceramics of Italy”, which will be hosted by New York’s International Contemporary Furniture Fair in Jacob K. Javits Center; it will be reserved to sector’s operators. [...]

Mobility and innovation, Italian enterprises land in Detroit with Ice

The main goal for Ice, the Agency for the abroad promotion and the internationalization of the Italian enterprises, is to establish or increase partnerships and technologic, entrepreneurial and scientific collaborations with world leaders in sectors such as autonomous driving, mobility services and solutions for Smart City in the framework of [...]

University, Innovation and companies, the best start-ups are Sardinian

The project event of the the "University, Innovation and Businesses" initiative took place last November 11th in Rome, at the headquarters of LVentures; the event is organized by Intesa San Paolo and the universities of Cagliari, Sassari, Catania, Palermo and Viterbo . The event is the culminating point of an [...]

Exports and food imports growing

The infographic represents an in-depth analysis of the performance of food industry products in the first half of 2019, following the data on total imports and exports. At the end of June 2019 food exports amounted to 76 million euros, compared to over 95 million euros of the value of [...]