Tourism, attendance in Northwest Sardinia hotels declines in June

The tourist season got off with a slow start in Northwest Sardinia. According to an analysis of Federalberghi-Confcommercio province of Sassari, in June there was a decrease of more than 6% of the room occupancy rate, going from 68.89% in June 2022 to 62.23% in June 2023. The analysis is [...]

SMEs: 32 million for Patents+, Designs+ and Trademarks+

The Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy reopens Patents+, Designs+ and Trademarks+ , with a budget of 32 million euros, as provided by the Strategic Lines of action on industrial property for the three-year period, 2021-2023. Grants for SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) break down as follows: 20 million [...]

Nuova Sabatini: updated provisions for agriculture, fishery, and aquaculture

The Ministry of Enterprises and Made in Italy has published the new provisions for the granting of contributions from Nuova Sabatini : this measure supports access to credit for investments in capital goods, such as machinery, equipment and plants. The circular of 3 July updated the framework for business facilitation [...]

EU market, law against deforestation comes into force

On 29 June, the EU regulation on zero deforestation supply chains came into force. With the new rules, companies exporting or placing on the EU market palm oil, cattle, soya, coffee, cocoa, wood and rubber or products derived from it such as beef, furniture or chocolate shall demonstrate that such [...]

Asbestos: new exposure limit 10 times lower than the previous one

The European Parliament and the Member States have reached the agreement on the European Commission’s proposal to update the EU directive on asbestos at work . This is an important step towards better protection of workers from the risks of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous carcinogen that [...]