The European Parliament approves the law for environment-friendly houses

The European Parliament approved the negotiating mandate on the " environment-friendly houses " bill, designed to increase the rate of renovations and reduce energy consumption and emissions in the building sector . The approval of the Parliament in Strasbourg marks a decisive step towards the implementation of the European directive [...]

The EU guide to reduce the use of chemical pesticides

The EU is continuing its efforts to reduce chemical pesticides in agriculture . The European Commission has recently published a database presenting an overview of the integrated pest management methods currently available, accompanied by a study assessing the effectiveness of these methods and the prospects for future adoption. The database [...]

Simest presents the new "Strategic Plan 2023-2025" to support business growth

Simest, a company of the CDP Group that since 1991 has supported the growth of Italian companies through the internationalisation of their activities, has presented the Strategic Plan 2023-2025 "Business Impact. Yes, a pact for growth". The Plan strengthens Simest’s role in supporting the internationalisation of Italian companies through 4 [...]

New call for bids to finance 5G technology research projects

The Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has published a new call for bids to finance 5G experimentation and research projects , with the aim of supporting innovation in companies by promoting the adoption of new technologies, with particular regard to the audio-visual sector, the creative and gaming industries, [...]

Companies, Government approves the Incentive Code

The confusion related to incentives for companies is finally over. The Council of Ministers has approved, as a matter of urgency, a bill revising the whole system, which, in the future, will be regulated by the Incentives Code . Within twenty-four months from the date of entry into force of [...]

EU releases 750 million euros of CDP Group funding for enterprises

The European Commission and CDP Group have signed a guarantee agreement under the InvestEU programme , for a total value of 355 million euros; this agreement will release up until 750 million euros of CDP Group’s new funds , which will be assigned to investments all around Italy. The funds [...]

The European Fund to support high-tech startups is being launched

The new pan-European fund in support of high-tech startups has started under the ETCI-European Tech Champions Initiative promoted by the EIB Group (EIB - European Investment Bank and EIF -European Investment Fund) in collaboration with Italy, Germany, France, Spain and Belgium. The ETCI will strengthen European risk capital markets at [...]