Agri-food and wine-growing sectors: the value of the PDO Economy exceeds 20 billion euros


The Italian agri-food and wine-growing sectors are going extremely well thanks to PDO and PGI production, which in 2022 exceeded the value of 20 billion euros.

This is certified by the XXI Ismea - Qualivita Report, the annual survey that analyses the economic and production values of the quality of Italian PDO, PGI and TSG agri-food and wine-growing productions.

The study reveals that the PDO and PGI sector will exceed the threshold of 20 billion euros in production value in 2022 (+6.4% on an annual basis), ensuring a 20% contribution to the overall turnover of the Italian agri-food industry. The agri-food sector is close to 9 billion euros (+9%) while the wine-growing sector exceeds 11 billion euros (+5%).

These results testify to the solidity of the Italian PDO economy: an organised system with 296 Protection Consortia authorised by the Ministry of Agriculture and more than 195,000 companies in the agri-food and wine-growing supply chains, with the number of jobs estimated for the first time at 580,000 in the agricultural phase and 310,000 in the transformation phase.

The report also estimates employment in the IG supply chains, calculating 890,000 employment contracts in the sector, between the agricultural and the processing phase.