Industry and services, turnover up in 2022

The first nine months of 2022 have been positive for companies in the industry and services sector. According to the results of the Economic Survey on Industrial Enterprises and Services, published by the Bank of Italy, companies with at least 20 employees show an increase in turnover until September 2022 [...]
la sede dell'Istat

Istat, industrial turnover is growing

According to the institute data, March has recorded an encouraging +2.4% The turnover of the industrial sector is growing. According to data published by Istat, in March it is estimated that the turnover of the industry, net of seasonal factors, increased by 2.4% in economic terms, recording a positive trend [...]
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EU’s first step on craft products and intellectual property

Commission proposes framework to also protect industrial products The Commission has proposed for the first time a framework to protect the intellectual property of craft and industrial products which are the result of the originality and authenticity of traditional regional practices. Drawing on the success of the Geographical Indications (GI) [...]
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Transport, signs of recovery after paralysis of mobility caused by Covid

The transport system is slowly recovering after the paralysis of mobility due to measures against the spread of covid-19. According to the data contained in the Quarterly Report of the Observatory on mobility trends prepared by the Ministry of Sustainable Infrastructure and Mobility - IV quarter 2021, 2021 saw a [...]

Sustainable steel and aluminum, EU and US start discussion on global agreement

The President of the European Commission von der Leyen and the President of the United States, Joe Biden, agreed on Sunday to begin discussions on a global agreement on sustainable steel and aluminium. This marks a new milestone in the transatlantic relationship and in the EU-US efforts to achieve decarbonisation [...]

Industry, EU Parliament: enhance data sharing

MEPs adopted rules to facilitate the provision of more data to help create new products and innovation, particularly in artificial intelligence. The Committee on Industry, Research and Energy adopted its position on Thursday on the EU Data Governance Act (DGA), which aims to increase confidence in data sharing, create new [...]

The EU commission kicks off the European Fund for the defence industry

Yesterday the Commission adopted a package of decisions to support the competitiveness and innovation capacity of the EU defence industry. The adoption of the first annual work programme of the European Defence Fund (EDF) paves the way for the immediate launch of 23 calls for proposals totalling 1.2 billion euros [...]

Industry, EU provides 10 billion euros for new partnerships

The EU will provide nearly 10 billion euros in funding for the establishment of ten new partnerships between the EU, the Member States and industry. The aim is to accelerate the transition to a green, climate-neutral and digital Europe and to improve the resilience and competitiveness of European industry. As [...]