Istat, industrial turnover is growing

la sede dell'Istat

According to the institute data, March has recorded an encouraging +2.4%

The turnover of the industrial sector is growing. According to data published by Istat, in March it is estimated that the turnover of the industry, net of seasonal factors, increased by 2.4% in economic terms, recording a positive trend on both markets (+2.6% domestic and +1.8% foreign). In the first quarter the total index grew by 4.7% compared to the previous quarter (+ 4.3% on the domestic market and +5.5% on the foreign market).

With reference to the main groups of industries, in March the seasonally adjusted indexes of turnover show circumstantial increases for energy (+12.0%), intermediate goods (+3.0%) and consumer goods (+1.9%), while capital goods show a slight reduction (-0.5%).

Adjusted for calendar effects, the total turnover grew in trend terms of 21.4%, with increases of 21.6% on the domestic market and 20.9% on the foreign market. The working days were 23 as in March 2021.

As for the indexes, which have been adjusted for the calendar effects of the main groups of industries, there are very marked trend increases for energy (+61.9%) and for intermediate goods (+32.3%), more moderate for consumer goods (+19.0%) and for capital goods (+3.6%).

With regards to the manufacturing sector, the trend increases concern all sectors of economic activity, with the exception of means of transport.