Environment and health


Asbestos: new exposure limit 10 times lower than the previous one

The European Parliament and the Member States have reached the agreement on the European Commission’s proposal to update the EU directive on asbestos at work . This is an important step towards better protection of workers from the risks of exposure to asbestos. Asbestos is an extremely dangerous carcinogen that [...]
Parlamento europeo

The European Parliament approves the law for environment-friendly houses

The European Parliament approved the negotiating mandate on the " environment-friendly houses " bill, designed to increase the rate of renovations and reduce energy consumption and emissions in the building sector . The approval of the Parliament in Strasbourg marks a decisive step towards the implementation of the European directive [...]
Guida uso pesticidi

The EU guide to reduce the use of chemical pesticides

The EU is continuing its efforts to reduce chemical pesticides in agriculture . The European Commission has recently published a database presenting an overview of the integrated pest management methods currently available, accompanied by a study assessing the effectiveness of these methods and the prospects for future adoption. The database [...]
Il documento Ue per la transizione dell'industria chimica

Chemical industry, EU presents new path for green and digital transitions

The European Commission has presented a green and digital transition path to the chemical industry, proposing a joint plan prepared with key representatives of the chemical industry, NGOs and other stakeholders. The pathway helps to prepare an economic justification and a roadmap for investments in safe and sustainable chemicals. The [...]
Emissioni atmosferiche

The Stockholm Convention bans persistent organic pollutants

Stop persistent organic pollutants. With the approval by Parliament of the Law of 12 July 2022, Italy has ratified its accession to the Stockholm Convention, thereby committing itself to minimising emissions into the atmosphere of persistent organic pollutants (Pops), intentional and unintentional, and their releases into water and soil, through [...]
Energie rinnovabili

Sustainable development: EU says yes to 1.7 billion euros in state aid

The sustainable recovery of the Italian economy will be driven by 1.7 billion euros in state aid. The European Commission has approved an Italian 1.7 billion euros scheme to support investment in sustainable recovery. The measure will be financed both from the national budget and from the resources made available [...]

The Mediterranean will become a SECA area: stop to sulphur emissions

The Mediterranean Sea is preparing to become a SECA area, Sulphur Emission Control Area, or an area in which sulphur emissions from ship traffic are significantly reduced through a number of instruments such as the obligation to use very low sulphur fuels or smoke abatement systems. The proposal to safeguard [...]