The European Parliament approves the law for environment-friendly houses

Parlamento europeo

The European Parliament approved the negotiating mandate on the "environment-friendly houses" bill, designed to increase the rate of renovations and reduce energy consumption and emissions in the building sector.

The approval of the Parliament in Strasbourg marks a decisive step towards the implementation of the European directive, which, however, will have to go through some stages first, including, crucially, the negotiations with the Member States.

The objective of the proposed revision of the Buildings’ Energy Performance Directive is a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption in the sector by 2030, in order to achieve climate neutrality by 2050. Renovating a wider range of energy-inefficient buildings and improving the sharing of information on energy performance are other objectives of the proposal.

The Parliament’s negotiating position was adopted today by 343 votes to 216, with 78 abstentions.

According to the directive, all new buildings will have to be zero-emission from 2028 on. For new buildings occupied, operated, or owned by public authorities, the deadline is set in 2026. New buildings for which it will be technically and economically possible will also have to be equipped with solar technologies by 2028, while for residential buildings undergoing major renovations the deadline is 2032.

Also according to the EP’s position, residential buildings should reach, as a minimum, energy performance class E by 2030 and D by 2033. For non-residential and public buildings, the same classes must be achieved by 2027 (E) and 2030 (D) respectively.
EU countries will establish the necessary measures to achieve these objectives in their national restructuring plans.


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