The EU guide to reduce the use of chemical pesticides

Guida uso pesticidi

The EU is continuing its efforts to reduce chemical pesticides in agriculture. The European Commission has recently published a database presenting an overview of the integrated pest management methods currently available, accompanied by a study assessing the effectiveness of these methods and the prospects for future adoption.

The database includes about 1,300 examples of practices, techniques and technologies, such as the use of crop rotation and balanced fertilisation, pest monitoring, targeted and reduced application and, above all, the preference for non-chemical phytosanitary control methods. It also includes 273 crop-specific guidelines drawn up by national authorities and public bodies in the Member States.

At the same time, a study examines current integrated pest management practices and their possible contribution to reducing dependence on chemical pesticides, their cost of implementation and their overall effectiveness. The study also examines the main factors affecting the reduction of dependence on pesticide use and the main obstacles and associated factors.

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