EU markets: the Regulation on foreign subsidies comes into force

The European regulation on foreign subsidies came into force yesterday. The new rules to combat distortions caused by foreign subsidies will allow the EU to remain open to trade and investment, while ensuring a level playing field for all companies operating in the single market. The regulation applies to all [...]

Chip production: the EU works to double its market share

The European Union aims to double its global market share of chips from 10% to at least 20% by 2030 with specific legislation, in order to guarantee the future technological sovereignty of the Member States, thus reducing over-reliance on global leaders of semiconductor sector, like Asian countries and the USA. [...]

Cybersecurity, EU grants 176 million euros for new projects

The European Commission has invited businesses, public administrations and other organisations to submit proposals for innovative cybersecurity solutions and to apply for EU funding under the Digital Europe programme. There are 176.5 million euros available for grants to improve tools and infrastructure for enhanced cybersecurity cooperation between the Member States [...]

Environmental labelling on packaging, guidelines for businesses have been published

To help Italian companies comply with the new rules on packaging’s labelling, the Ministry of Environment and Energy Safety has issued a decree adopting the "Technical Guidelines for the environmental labelling of packaging". The document contains useful information for companies in order to provide the environmental characteristics of their packaging [...]

Intellectual property, new rules on industrial designs coming soon

The European Commission has presented two proposals for the revision of the Regulation and the Industrial Designs Directive. An industrial design represents the external appearance of a product as it results from its lines or contours or form. The revised rules will help to further improve the conditions for companies [...]

The European Commission supports the seaweed industry

The European Commission is betting on the seaweed industry by proposing Community measures to exploit the potential of this production not only in economic terms but also for a healthier diet, reducing CO2 emissions and fighting water pollution. The proposal, which will now have to be discussed with the European [...]

PNRR, the second “Agreements for innovation” help desk opens

On 31 January 2023 the second help desk dedicated to Agreements for innovation will open; for this measure the Ministry of Enterprise and Made in Italy has released 500 million euros from the National Fund complementary to the NRRP, in order to finance research and development projects. Additional resources, provided [...]

The European Commission launches easy and cheap instant credit transfers

The European Commission has adopted a legislative proposal to make instant payments in euros available to all citizens and businesses with a bank account in the EU and the EEA countries. The proposal aims to ensure that euro instant payments are accessible, secure and processed unhindered throughout the EU. Instant [...]