PNRR: the online platform "Connect Italy - Ultrafast Networks" is active

Connetti Italia

The new platform "Connect Italy - Ultrafast Networks" is available online: it’s a tool designed to offer citizens all the information in real time on the progress of the interventions of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (PNRR) Mission 1, Component 2, Investment 3 - "Ultrafast networks".

The site, created by Infratel Italia as the implementing body of the Plans under the agreement signed with the Department for Digital Transformation, presents a continuous update of the work status, with monthly data provided by national operators, split into five Business Plans.

Each Plan will present a summary of the objectives, the technical and economic characteristics of the interventions, the background information and related technological innovations.

The available data allow to deepen, thanks to detailed maps on a regional basis, the percentage of completed works, the value of each assigned lot and the different nature of civic buildings, areas and structures connected or activated according to the selected plan. The "Search your town" section is added to this overview: it will allow users to verify, in a timely manner, the coverage of their territory.

In addition to promoting transparency, the platform Connect Italy - Ultrafast Networks marks the beginning of a development path that, according of Infratel and the Department, will be fed with the direct contribution of citizens: in fact, the site presents a constantly updated FAQ section that will provide answers to requests for further information, sharing them on the portal.

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