New EU report on agri-food published


The European Commission has published its latest report on the short-term prospects of EU agricultural markets. With significant progress in the vaccination campaign against COVID-19 across the EU, catering services have been reopened and travel restrictions have been gradually lifted. This should have a positive impact on tourism this summer and on EU food consumption in general. World commodity and energy prices and transport costs are rising, driven by improved global and EU growth prospects. The massive demand for imports of animal feed from China also contributes to the rising prices of cereals (feed) and oilseeds. This should benefit arable crops producers in the EU with good production prospects confirmed. The cold spring has had a limited impact on arable crops and the dairy sector, but it is hitting the fruit sector hard. Demand from the United States and China should drive EU exports, in particular dairy products, pork, wine and olive oil. With regards to trade with the United Kingdom, after a significant drop in early 2021 following the transition period of Brexit, EU exports are starting to recover. The summer 2021 edition of the Short-term Outlook for EU Agricultural Markets report provides a detailed overview of the latest trends and perspectives for each agri-food sector.