EU, 2021 investments for agriculture


A total of 182.9 million euros was allocated in 2021 for the promotion of agri-food products within and outside the EU. The work programme on promotion policy focuses in particular on the promotion of agricultural products and methods that more directly support the objectives of the European Green Deal, giving priority to organic products, fruit and vegetables and sustainable agriculture.

"The policy for the promotion of EU agri-food products is designed to increase the competitiveness of the sector - reads the Commission press release - exploiting the expansion of global agri-food markets and raising awareness of the high standards used in EU agriculture, including in terms of quality and sustainability. A new framework for promotion policy will be established next year, as foreseen in the strategy from producer to consumer".

Almost half of the budget (86 million euros) will be allocated to campaigns more directly in line with the ambitions of the European Green Deal, especially with the strategy "from producer to consumer". These campaigns aim to communicate, to consumers in Europe and the rest of the world, information about organic farming, sustainable agriculture in the EU and the role of the agri-food sector on climate action and the environment. The selected campaigns will aim at raising awareness of these types of farming and will increase the recognition of organic labelling. Campaigns will also be funded within the EU to promote a healthy diet and a balanced diet by increasing the consumption of fresh fruit and vegetables.

The campaigns also aim to highlight the high standards of safety and quality, as well as the diversity and traditional aspects of European agri-food products, for example, by promoting EU quality schemes, such as geographical indications in the EU.