Fight against undeclared work: the National Committee for Prevention and Law Enforcement has been established

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The two decrees issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, which, in the context of the fight against undeclared work, inter alia, establish the "National Committee for the prevention and contrast of undeclared work".

The Committee is chaired by the Minister for Labour and Social Policy (or one of his delegates) and its composition includes representatives of the Ministry itself, involved by competence in the implementation of the Plan, the Ministry of the Interior, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, INL, INPS, INAIL, ANPAL, Bank of Italy, INIS, Italian Revenue Agency, Guardia di Finanza, Carabinieri and the Conference of the Regions, with the technical support of INAPP. The Committee also includes experts appointed by the Minister with particular expertise and experience, as well as ten representatives of the most representative trade unions and employers' organizations at national level.

With a multi-agency approach, the Committee will interact with the task forces and working groups responsible for implementing the specific action lines; monitor the progress of construction work and the monitoring of indicators relating to the annual average number of job inspection visits and the incidence of undeclared work, finally ensuring the necessary connections with the National Table on illegal recruitment.

The first activities to be monitored by the Committee upon its establishment will be:

  • the establishment of a working group to ensure interoperability between the information systems of the various bodies, which have various data on the phenomenon of undeclared work;
  • training of newly recruited Inspectors and establishment of a ministerial task force using the National Operational Table for supervisory operational planning;
  • the launch of the INPS Platform for compliance actions and development of a Synthetic Contributory Reliability Indicator (SCRI);
  • the specific training activity on undeclared work directed to the Employment Centres;
  • the information campaign to combat undeclared work;
  • the preparation of legislative proposals for the amendment of the amounts relating to the administrative penalty for unlawful contracts and for the equal treatment of employees of the contractor and the sub-contractor.