Employment growth in businesses, Sardinia second in Italy

Dati occupazione

Sardinia is second among the Italian regions for employment growth. A survey carried out by the Chamber of Commerce of Umbria proves so, providing a picture of all the Italian regions by analysing the data of the Chamber System. According to the study, in Italy, the number of employees in companies in the first quarter of 2022 exceeds pre-covid levels and on an annual basis marks a growth of 3% (+1.08% in the last quarter), concentrated mainly in Southern Italy, for a total of 533,930 employees more (+196,737 in the last quarter). There are three regions guiding the ranking of the occupational resumption: Sicily (+5.29%), Sardinia (+4.82%) and Abruzzo (+4.47%).

The survey takes into account the updated data of the employees of the active companies registered with the chamber registers, managed by the Chambers of Commerce. At the level of the individual region, the number of employees concerns those who actually work in the region, thus including those employed by local units belonging to enterprises located outside the region, and excluding, on the other hand, persons employed by local units outside the region belonging to businesses in the territory in question. Of course, not all employment is accounted for (for instance, public employment is excluded), but the whole system of enterprises, which accounts for most of the total.

Compared to pre-covid employment levels of enterprises, in the first quarter of 2022 only three out of twenty regions (Emilia-Romagna, Marche, Tuscany, Aosta Valley) are still below those values.

If we observe the trend between the first quarter of 2022 and the same quarter of 2021, the most important employment growth is recorded in Sicily (+5.29%), followed by Sardinia (+4.82%) and Abruzzo (+4.47%). The 'Top Five' is completed by Campania (+4.41%) and Calabria (+4.16%). At the bottom of the rankings there are three Northern regions: Aosta Valley (+1.25%), Lombardy (+1.86%) and Liguria (+1.90%). The first region of the Centre is Lazio (+3.71%).

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