Agri-food, the Chambers of Commerce and the Price Monitoring Authority will monitor the increases

Prodotti agroalimentari

The Price Monitoring Authority has launched a pilot project for the continuous transmission of data and information collected by certain Chambers of Commerce on wholesale prices in the agri-food sector in their territories.

The project, realised in collaboration with Unioncamere and some Chambers of Commerce, provides for the sharing of data on the supply chain price of some products by monitoring the cost of raw materials (wheat, corn and livestock) and the wholesale price of food items which are particularly representative of household spending (meat, milk, cheese, eggs, oils, rice and cereals).

The involvement of the Chambers of Commerce, in addition to the collaboration with the Regions, will be an additional tool with which the Price Monitoring Authority can carry out an increasingly accurate and capillary monitoring of prices in the early stages of the agri-food chain, thus allowing any tensions to arise to be highlighted and at the same time anticipating their possible impact on the household budget.