From 1 January on, also Sardinia will be included in the SEZ

Zona economica unica dal 1° gennaio

The SEZs will be no more in two days' time: they will be replaced by the single Special Economic Zone, which will include the entire southern Italy, as well as the islands. Sardinia, therefore, after these two months of transition, will be incorporated into the new territorial structure, which will have a single seat in Rome and will go beyond the perimeters that have been in place until now. The various SEZs, in fact, only moved within the industrial consortia. Now everything will change, because this specific limitation will fall.

The great risk, to be assessed carefully, is that the various territories will be placed on the same level without taking into consideration, for example, the limits of insularity in the case of Sardinia and Sicily, or that the tax credit for those who invest in Puglia will be higher than in Sardinia. This alarm was raised by the extraordinary commissioner of the Sardinian SEZ, Aldo Cadau.

However, there are also positive notes. First of all, during these years of the Special Economic Zone's activity on the island, important signs of strengthening regional business activity and investment recovery have been obtained, so much so that total potential investments are currently close to 650 million euros. In detail, 66 per cent of investments concerned the Cagliari area with over 427 million; Olbia follows with 126 million, Sulcis 32 million, Sassari 23, Oristano the same figure and Tortolì over 14. The most active sectors are manufacturing with 287 million, boating with 116, logistics with 97, waste with 88 and trade (29).