University, Innovation and companies, the best start-ups are Sardinian


The project event of the the "University, Innovation and Businesses" initiative took place last November 11th in Rome, at the headquarters of LVentures; the event is organized by Intesa San Paolo and the universities of Cagliari, Sassari, Catania, Palermo and Viterbo .

The event is the culminating point of an activity that the bank branch for the regions of Sardinia, Lazio and Sicily leads together with the universities in order to support the new innovative companies and to contribute to the matching between demand and supply of innovation, connecting companies and researchers from various disciplines related to university research.

During the evening, the heads of the university's technology transfer offices presented fifteen successful inter-regional industry-university cooperation cases.

The second part of the afternoon was dedicated to innovative start-ups.

The event saw the participation of fourteen start-ups or start-up ideas, including 5 Sardinian competitors: Bacfarm, fresh winner of the start-cup Sardegna 2019, Regenfix, also on the podium of the recent start-cup , MyPlant, Relicta Bioplastics (winner of the 2017 edition) and Smart Sensory box (on the podium of the 2015 edition).

The competitors presented their business ideas in front of a qualified audience made up of experts from outside and inside the bank, through an elevator pitch lasting three minutes to compete for the final victory.

Three Sardinian companies have conquered all three the positions of the podium (Bacfarm, ReGenFix and Relaxis) demonstrating the ability of local universities to produce interesting and potentially disruptive innovative ideas. Even the companies that remained at the foot of the podium received compliments from the organization.

Bacfarm proposes a new system of production of carotene, a widely used element in pharmacy and cosmetics, starting from bacterial colonies. ReGenFix regenerates the chromatographic columns of the laboratories, allowing great savings and less pollution. Finally, Relaxis offers the sale of a functional food suitable for people suffering from IBS (irritable bowel syndrome).

A plaque of the participation was finally issued to all participants.


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