Tougher EU rules to fight corruption

Commissione europea

The European Commission has adopted a new package of measures to fight corruption more strictly in the EU and worldwide.

The series of measures acts in three areas:

  1. Communication: Firstly, a communication on the fight against corruption in the EU is introduced, providing an overview of existing anti-corruption legislation and policies in the EU, taking stock of the challenges and reflecting on how to intensify future EU action.
  2. Anti-corruption Directive: A Directive is proposed to establish guidelines, modernise and harmonise corruption offense definitions, and ensure the availability of high-level criminal law tools to address the full spectrum of corruption offenses, prevent corruption, and enhance law enforcement.
  3. Sanctions: the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, with the Commission's backing, proposes combining the Common Foreign and Security Policy's (CFSP) instruments of restrictive measures (sanctions) with a unique sanctions regime to combat severe corruption on a global scale.

The proposal for a directive on the fight against corruption must first be negotiated and then adopted by the European Parliament and the Council before becoming part of EU law.

The proposed new framework for CFSP sanctions against corruption will have to be discussed and adopted by the Council.