The Sace Industrial Plan "Together 2025" allocated 111 billion euros for Italian companies


Sace has launched "Together 2025", the 2023-2025 business plan of the insurance-financial group, directly controlled by the MEF and specialized in supporting the competitiveness of companies.

With Together 2025, SACE provides Italian companies with 111 billion euros to support investments and projects and guarantee liquidity, with an expected annual increase of 5%, and an average return for the country on resources allocated over the three-year period exceeding 5%. The intervention aims to serve 65.000 companies throughout the Plan, supporting internalisation, competitiveness in foreign markets and growth in the domestic market.

The targets of the Business Plan aim at an increase in the three-year period 2023-2025 of more than 30% in the volumes of insured contracts and guaranteed investments in this area, amounting to approximately 49 billion euros. The 2025 Together Plan provides greater support to Italian companies both in the diversification of the reference markets and in the security of the supply chain. Particular attention is given to the accompaniment in non-traditional geographies but with a high potential for Italian exports such as, for example, South-East Asia, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa, and support for innovative and sustainable sectors. Another important focus is placed in supporting the Italian supply chains, to improve the positioning in the supply chains of large international contractors, also in a re-shoring and near-shoring logic.

60 billion euros will be guaranteed for support for investments in the internal market, with particular attention to investments in high-traction sectors for the development of the economy and innovative sectors that will allow companies and Italy a qualitative leap in technology, in the modernisation of production systems and in the green transition, in the context of sustainable development, both from an environmental and social point of view.

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