Relaunching the crisis areas of Porto Torres and Portovesme


The Italian Government and the Regional Admonistrationaim at relaunching the industrial centers of Porto Torres and Portovesme. Complying with the requests formulated by the Ministry of Economic Development and the Regional Minister of Industry, Invitalia has published a call for expressions of interest in the reconversion and industrial redevelopment projects of the two crisis areas.

The form that Italian and foreign companies can present to illustrate their development and industrial redevelopment proposals for the Porto Torres industrial center is available from June 5th on Business initiatives should be localized in the Municipalities of Sassari or Porto Torres with the aim of promoting economic recovery and increasing employment levels. The priority sectors are green chemistry, sustainable development and recreational boating.

At the end of this survey, the information will be re-elaborated by Invitalia, in agreement with the ministerial and regional offices, in order to activate appropriate facilitating instruments and promote investment programs for the production of goods and services. The initiatives will include the creation of business and new production units or the expansion and diversification of the existing unit, investment programs for environmental protection, process innovation and organization projects, industrial research projects and experimental development. The expressions of interest may be presented by 12 noon on 5 July. For clarifications, an email can be sent to

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Regarding the industrial pole of Portovesme, the form to identify the development and investment needs of the area is available on from June 8th. The aim is to identify the facilitation measures necessary for their financing. The development programs must be implemented in the Municipalities of the crisis area, in coherence with the objectives of the Project for reconversion and industrial redevelopment. Specifically, the measures are aimed at investment programs for the production of goods and services, environmental protection, innovation of processes and organizations, industrial research and experimental development. It is possible to submit the expressions of interest by 12 noon on 9 July. For clarifications,  an email can be sent to

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