The Parliament approves revolutionary research programme: Horizon Europe

Parlamento europeo

The European Parliament launches the Horizon Europe research programme 2021-2027, which will help EU health systems to prepare for future pandemics and industry to achieve decarbonisation and stimulate innovation. Horizon Europe includes the largest budget for digital research and digitisation ever decided by the EU.

The programme provides short and long-term funding for research and innovation in relation to global challenges, including the fight against climate change, digitisation, and the COVID-19 pandemic. The programme also provides support for innovative SMEs, European research infrastructure and an additional 1 billion euros for basic research, allocated through the European Research Council. Since 1 January 2021, the European Commission has already provisionally implemented the Horizon Europe programme. The Parliament finally approved the agreement with the Council on the regulation of the programme and added a political declaration, with 677 votes in favour, 5 against and 17 abstentions.

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