Microcredit, a new notice

Microcredit, a new notice

The Region of Sardinia has published a new notice for the selection of projects to be financed through the Microcredit fund. Its objective is to support the start-up of new enterprises or micro-enterprises in Sardinia, including associations between professionals, promoted by unemployed subjects who, due to subjective and objective conditions, find it difficult to access traditional credit channels. The loan granted ranges from 5,000 to 25,000 euros at a zero-interest rate.

Proposals for activities in the fields of environmental protection, ICT, energy saving and renewable energy are considered prioritary. The financial allocation for the notice reaches 6 million euro. The funds come from the reimbursed loans awarded during 2007-2013 Por ESF period.

Applications to access to the Fund can be submitted in electronic format, through the forms available on the websites of the Region of Sardinia and SFIRS.

Consult the new notice at the following link.

In the "Business Benefits" section of the portal, the new announcement form is also available at the following link.

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