Lighting, here are the new energy labels


At the beginning of September, the new EU energy labels for light bulbs and other lighting products came into force. It is a new version designed to help European consumers to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprint by directing their purchasing choices towards products that promote an eco-sustainable energy transition. The initiative follows the significant improvement in energy efficiency recently achieved in this sector, which has resulted in more and more "light sources" (such as light bulbs and LED modules) reaching classes A+ or A++, according to the current scale. The most important modification of the new labels is the return to the simpler A-G scale. The new scale is more rigorous and is designed so that very few products are initially able to obtain the classification "A" and "B"; so, there is a good margin for more efficient products to enter the market in the future. The most energy-efficient products now on the market will normally be labelled as "C" or "D". The labels contain new elements, including a QR code that refers to a European database in which consumers can find more details about the product.

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