InvestEu, agreement between the European Commission and the EIB Group for investments worth 372 billion euros

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The European Commission and the EIB Group sign InvestEu agreements for 372 billion euros of investments in all member countries. InvestEu is an incentive package adopted by the EU to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic and help build a greener, more digital and more resilient European economy. InvestEu consists of three components: the InvestEu Fund, the InvestEu consultancy centre and the InvestEU portal. Providing an EU budget guarantee of 26 billion euros and 200 million euros to support financing and investment operations, InvestEu will attract public and private funding with the aim of mobilising at least 372 billion euros of additional investments by 2027, benefitting people and businesses across Europe. The first InvestEu projects should receive an InvestEu guarantee as early as April, after being submitted to the Investment Committee.

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