Innovation, the Italian start-ups at the DLD - Digital Conference in Tel Aviv


ICE, the Italian Foreign Trade Agency, as part of the activities to support innovative start-ups, organizes a mission of Italian startups, incubators and accelerators at the " Dld - Digital Conference", in Tel Aviv on 18 and 19 September. This is the final act of the Dld Tel Aviv Innovation Festival, an annual event that hosts conferences and events dedicated to innovation, involving Israeli companies, organizations, institutions and investors, but also the most important multinationals in the sector. Last year there were over 140 international startups and about 4 thousand participants from over 50 countries were registered, including institutions, corporate, brand executives, investors and journalists.

Israel is a world leader in the development of new technologies: it invests 4.3% of its GDP in research and development, it has the highest concentration of technology startups in proportion to the population and is the first in the world for per capita risk capital investments. Investments focus on IT, defense, biomedical, irrigation and renewable energy. High technology contributes 12% of Israeli GDP, employs 8.3% of the workforce and creates 43% of the country's industrial exports.

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