FCA complies: no more diesel cars, 9 billion invested to develop electric and hybrid models


The Fiat-Chrysler group focuses on the electric car. The new philosophy of the FIAT brand, in the wake of what has already been decided by some competitors, includes the discontinuation of the diesel engine production by 2021, except for commercial vehicles. Not only that: last June the car brand announced an investment of 9 billion euro between 2018 and 2022 for the development of new fully electric or hybrid models.

The recent passing of the CEO of FCA, Sergio Marchionne, should not affect the investment plans in the sector of electric mobility of the group, for which the line seems to be traced globally: the process is now irreversible for producers who they want to keep up with market demands.

The FCA announcement is of fundamental importance for Italian strategies with a 2030 horizon on the subject of sustainable development and the reduction of climate-changing emissions in the transport sector. The choice of Fiat could finally give a decisive acceleration to investments for the creation and diffusion of the electric recharging points in the Italian road and motorway network and create important economic opportunities for SMEs in the energy and plant engineering sector: electric mobility is one of the pieces that compose the great and futuristic scenario of the so-called "smart grids", the "intelligent" networks for electricity distribution.