EU: 13.5 billion euros for research and innovation

Commissione europea

The European Commission today adopted the main work programme of Horizon Europe 2023-24, with 13.5 billion euros to support researchers and innovators in Europe to find innovative solutions to environmental, energetic, digital and geopolitical challenges.

Together with the 95.5 billion euros from the Horizon Europe research and innovation programme, this funding will help the EU: reach its climate goals, increase energy resilience, the development of basic digital technologies. It will also include targeted actions to support Ukraine, strategies to strengthen the economic resilience and contributions towards a sustainable recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.The funds will help to strengthen the European research and innovation ecosystem, through a greater participation of researchers and innovators across Europe, increased mobility and funding for world-class research infrastructures.

5.67 billion euros, more than 42% of the work programme budget, is earmarked for the main objectives of the climate action, the search for innovative solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adaptation to climate change. The amount allocated to support biodiversity is 1.67 billion euros.

Over 4.5 billion euros will go to the EU’s digital transition, including for the development of key digital technologies and to encourage their integration into the everyday lives of citizens.

There will also be broad support for the new European Bauhaus, which aims to highlight the benefits of the green transition in people’s daily life and living spaces.

Almost 970 million euros will be invested to help accelerate the transition to clean energy, in line with the REPowerEU plan, and increase Europe’s energy independence from unreliable suppliers and from the volatility of the fossil fuel market.

In 2023, the work programme will direct investments of over 1 billion euros from NextGenerationEU towards the recovery of Europe from the economic and social damage caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It will also support research and innovation with 336 million euros to improve pandemic preparedness and respond to health emergencies, in line with the objectives of the European Health Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA). It will also support critical infrastructure in defence against physical and cyber threats, strengthening the EU’s resilience.

Targeted support for Ukraine is added to the 70 million euros of specific measures already launched in 2022. The new actions include strengthening the access of Ukrainian researchers to European research infrastructures, continued support for Ukrainian health scientists and support for the climate-neutral reconstruction of Ukrainian cities through the EU mission "smart cities with zero climate impact".

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