Development and employment, in Gallura a public-private investment of 44 million euros


The planning agreement signed between the Regional government, the Ministry of Economic Development and Invitalia is aimed will create 54 new jobs with an important spill over effect on the indirect economy, while strengthening the accommodation offer and additional services.

The total investment sums up to 44 million euro, with 25 million of public co-financing, 20 of which are provided by the Ministry for Economic Development and 5 by the regional administration. The 5 million euro made available by the regional government, proposed by the regional minister for planning, Raffaele Paci, will be used to co-finance the national development contract, proposed to the Ministry of Economic Development by the companies Marina di Porto Rotondo and Hotel Sporting.

Four interventions are planned, for a total investment of 44 million euro. More specifically, in Porto Rotondo the intervention will target the reconversion into a new resort of an old decommissioned warehouse in an urban area, the refurbishment of an existing hotel and of the marina. In Arzachena, the intervention involves the refurbishment of a hotel. All the interventions in question are aimed for tourism development and fall within the regulatory limitations set by the regional landscape plan currently in force.

«The intervention, which in addition to creating 54 new jobs will have an important impact on the indirect economy, has the objective of strengthening the accommodation offer and additional services - says Paci - with a significant impact on the entire supply chain in compliance with the town planning regulations in force ". As the Vice-President of the Region explains, "The Ministry for Economic Development and the Regional Government have decided to promote and co-finance this development contract because they consider it relevant for strengthening the productive and economic fabric. We intervene on existing structures to make them more suitable for tourist needs, protecting the environment and with the aim of lengthening the season and increasing the flow of visitors. This is an indispensable strategy for making tourism a true driving force for development throughout Sardinia ».