Customs Agency, handbook on electronic commerce with Great Britain


The Customs Agency has published a handbook to guide e-commerce traders with Great Britain after Brexit. The document shall contain the necessary details for the preparation of the document intended for the final consumer, together with the charges and costs incurred by customs and the shipping costs to be borne by private intermediaries. Trade and customs transactions with the United Kingdom are subject to the Brexit Agreement, which is provisionally applicable from 1 January 2021. It will include the prohibition, among others, on the application and collection of customs duties, which shall be laid down in accordance with imports into Italy of goods from Great Britain, unless otherwise provided for in the Agreement. For this reason, the Customs Agency invites commercial operators to ensure greater transparency and simplicity in the analytical description of the individual fees charged to the final customer. The invitation is not to use indications that do not clarify which charges are related to tax levies levied by the customs authorities and which are instead charges for shipping services provided by private intermediaries. The Customs Agency also specifies that it is of primary importance to distinguish the items of expenditure incurred for duties from those for VAT or for other possible fiscal charges.

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