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Beyond sanctions: to invest and to export Italian products to Russia

In March 2014, the European Union imposed restrictive measures against Russia in response to the Ukrainian crisis. The Russian Federation responded by imposing measures against the European Union and its Member States (in addition to the United States, Canada, Norway and Australia). The European sanctions against Russia have been extended [...]

Island business incubators

In Sardinia several business incubators have been opened to improve the chances of success of new business initiatives. Incubators are protected environments where brilliant ideas can be transformed into business. Defined by the European Union as “the organisation that accelerates and systematizes the process of creating new businesses by providing [...]

The COSME financial instruments: funding opportunities for European SMEs

Over the last few years, the European Union has increasingly focused on businesses, in particular on SMEs. In June 2008, the European Commission adopted the “ Small Business Act ” in order to promote entrepreneurship and to foster the economic and employment growth of SMEs. SMEs are also mentioned in [...]

Loans to SMEs: the Nuova Sabatini starts again

The Ministry of Economic Development has reactivated the submission of applications for "Nuova Sabatini". The “Nuova Sabatini” is a facilitating instrument aimed at supporting the companies that request five-year bank loans for the purchase of machinery, plants and equipment. The new financial resources allocated by the Budget Law 2017 sum [...]

Microcredit, a new notice

The Region of Sardinia has published a new notice for the selection of projects to be financed through the Microcredit fund. Its objective is to support the start-up of new enterprises or micro-enterprises in Sardinia, including associations between professionals, promoted by unemployed subjects who, due to subjective and objective conditions, [...]