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Nature, environment, healthiness, slow times: Sardinia tries to spring back rethinking its approach to tourism. The recipe of Sardinian municipalities for a “Manifesto of the resilient Sardinia”

The pandemic leads the island tourist industry into a deep rethinking of Sardinia as a destination and of the way of promoting it. The challenge for the end of the crisis starts from Santa Teresa di Gallura; beaches, restaurants, accommodation facilities, a strong relationship with host communities: COVID-19 redesigns the [...]

Tourism, "Destination Sardinia" promoted in Europe

In the first few weeks of 2019 Sardinia was at the center of an intense promotional activity in the European countries considered as reference markets of the island tourism sector, from Germany to Spain and Portugal. On 18 January, "Destination Sardinia" was presented in Portugal to the specialized press, tour [...]

Metropolitan network of Northern Sardinia, € 75 million project

The Metropolitan Network of Northern Sardinia project will count on a € 75 million loan, will foster social innovation, competitive development and will also serve to enhance the services of the north-west area of ​​Sardinia. The project is articulated in in seven main actions and will involves a basin of [...]

Ministry of Industry and Economic development- Guarantee fund for SMEs

The Guarantee Fund for small and medium-sized enterprises is aimed at facilitating access to credit for SMEs by granting a public guarantee . The company obtains financing without additional guarantees (real, insurance or banking) on the amount covered by the Fund. Eligible costs Productive Investments(IP), Services (S), Training (F), Fairs [...]