Transformation of the employment relationship


In some cases, when the organisational needs of your company require it or when changing the health conditions of the worker, you may find it convenient to transform the employment relationship.

If you make such a decision, you must immediately inform your employment consultant who has 5 days to forward the file to the Service Centre for Reference Work. The transformation communication takes place through the telematic sending of the specific model.

Such notification shall be compulsory in all the following cases:

  • extension of the initial deadline;
  • conversion of the contract from fixed term to indefinite;
  • transformation from part-time to full-time;
  • transfer of the worker;
  • posting of the worker;
  • change in the business name of the employer;
  • transfer of a holding or a branch of it.

For the transformation of the employment relationship it is always necessary the agreement of both parties.

If the worker objects, it is up to the employer to provide evidence of the requirements which justify the change. In the event of a company crisis and the need to safeguard jobs, the worker’s non-acceptance may be a fair cause for dismissal.

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Updated on 23/11/2020