Remuneration policies


Remuneration policies include all the decisions and means that the entrepreneur decides to adopt to remunerate the work of his employees and collaborators.

Better remuneration policy can motivate staff by increasing their productivity.

To achieve this, you may decide to reward your employees for their performance and results.

To implement such a strategy, you should therefore distinguish remuneration in two parts:

  1. a fixed part (basic pay, contingency, seniority steps);
  2. a variable part linked to the achievement of the objectives set.

By acting only on the variable part, you could decide to grant to the most deserving workers cash prizes or benefits such as company car, mobile phone, premium travel, insurance packages, health contributions, school support, facilitated purchases.

In addition to traditional payment systems based on bonuses and rewards, you may want to propose to your employees the distribution of part of your business profits in order to create an intense and direct link between them and the success of your business.

As an entrepreneur you may also take advantage of some tax benefits, which consist in the tax exemption of premiums and salary items related to productivity. These benefits are usually calculated on premiums, overtime, night work and other variable items of the payroll linked to the increase in company productivity.

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Updated on 23/11/2020