REact-Eu: €4.7 billion to Italy

The European Commission has granted 4.7 billion euros to Italy under REACT-EU to support the country’s response to the coronavirus pandemic crisis and contribute to a sustainable socio-economic recovery. The new financing is the result of the modification of two operational programmes of the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Aid Fund for the Most Deprived (FEAD). Italy’s national ESF pro [...]

Exceptional EU measures to support the viticulture and the fruit and vegetable sectors

The European Commission has adopted a series of exceptional measures to support the viticulture and fruit and vegetable sectors in all Member States. These are the exceptional measures for viticulture: • EU countries can continue to modify their national support programmes at any time, whereas this can usually only be done twice a year (by 1 March and 30 June each year respectively); • for the pro [...]

The export of Italian cheeses is growing

The export of Italian cheeses is soaring. An Ismea report reveals that after the light bending in value of the exports in 2020, the first semester of 2021 has made to record an increment to double digit of the shipments beyond frontier, is in the quantities (+11%) that in value (+13%) compared to the same period last year. The resumption of the consumption out of house in the main Countries custom [...]

The value of agricultural production grows

The value of organic agricultural production in Italy is estimated at 3.6 billion euros, with an increase of 1.9% compared to 2020 and an impact on the total agri-food stable around 4%. An encouraging fact reported by Ismea during the International Exhibition of Organic and Natural (Sana) that took place in recent days in Bologna. From the analysis of shopping carts, fruit and vegetables is the ma [...]

Vienna Convention: fewer export barriers for Made in Italy goldsmiths

Italy will join the Vienna Convention: this will result in lower costs and export barriers for the 7,500 Italian companies in the goldsmith industry. On 16 September, the Council of Ministers approved the draft law on the accession of the Italian Republic to the Convention on the control and marking of precious metal objects made in Vienna in 15 November 1972. With this act, the legislative proces [...]

Cultural enterprises, Creative Europe programmes

The European Commission has launched new actions in support of the cultural and creative sectors in Europe and in the rest of the world, following the adoption of the work programme for the first year of the Creative Europe 2021-2027 programme. In 2021, Creative Europe will allocate an unprecedented budget [...]

Copyright, the new European standards

The deadline for Member States to adopt the new EU rules on copyright into national law has now expired. The new copyright directive protects creativity in the digital age, with concrete benefits for citizens, creative sectors, the press, researchers, educators and cultural heritage institutions across the EU. At the same [...]

The interventions of the Recovery Plan

222.1 billion euros to restart the Italian economy, heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. It is the treasure of the Recovery Plan approved by the Council of Ministers and that, after the passage in Parliament, will be sent to the European Commission by 30 April 2021. The intervention program developed [...]
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La diffusione della cultura brevettuale e la lotta alla contraffazione, prevede la realizzazione di azioni finalizzate a supportare le imprese, in particolare le PMI, per la valorizzazione dei titoli della proprietà industriale.
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