EU, new corporate tax regime in force from 1 January

As of 1 January 2024, the new, innovative EU rules introducing a minimum effective tax rate of 15% for multinational companies active in EU Member States came into force. The framework will bring more fairness and stability to the tax landscape in the EU and globally, at the same time making it more modern and better adapted to today's globalised digital world. The entry into force of the minimum [...]

Decree-Law on Energy sets new rules for business subsidies

On 27 November, the Council of Ministers approved a new decree law introducing urgent provisions for the country's energy security, the promotion of the use of renewable energy sources, and support for energy-intensive businesses. With regard to the latter two, the draft, presented by Environment Minister Gilberto Pichetto Fratin and to be converted into law by the Chambers of Deputies, reforms th [...]
Energia, nuove regole per le agevolazioni alle imprese

Energy market: price cap gas and other price containment measures extended by 1 year

The EU ministers have decided to extend measures to reassure the energy market, including the price cap on gas, for another year, until 31 December 2024. The green light from the European Council also concerns the renewal, for another year as well, of the rules for joint procurement and accelerated authorisations for renewable energies. "The price cap on gas has been a useful deterrent tool in the [...]

Online financial services: new EU rules make it easier to withdraw from contracts

As of today, Monday 18 December 2023, it takes just one click to withdraw from online financial services contracts. This is provided for by new rules issued by the European Union and entered into force today. This is a directive on financial services sold at a distance created to strengthen consumer rights and promote the cross-border provision of financial services in the single market. Consumers [...]
Servizi online

Pecorino Romano cheese, 5 million euros from the EU for projects in Germany and Japan

The objective is to be increasingly competitive on international markets, strengthening the presence of Pecorino Romano PDO cheese within a programme of strong enhancement of Italian and European agri-food products. The Macomer-based Protection Consortium is bringing home two new important projects financed by the EU: these will ensure a total of 5 million euros, continuing to invest in promotion [...]
5 milioni di euro per due progetti di promozione del pecorino romano in Germania e Giappone

New funding for SMEs from Cassa Depositi e Prestiti

In recent days, the Cassa Depositi e Prestiti Board of Directors has approved new operations in favour of companies, territories, infrastructure and international cooperation for a total value of over 4.5 billion euros. In particular, various interventions include measures to support companies active in strategic sectors. The Board of Directors [...]

Wine labels, European producers call for a suspension of guidelines

The Ceev (European Wine Confederation) is calling on the European Commission and the European Parliament to work together, in order to find an agreed interpretation on QR-code identification. Bottle labels must in fact display nutritional values and the list of ingredients, which can be accessed by consumers via a QR-code [...]

From 1 January on, also Sardinia will be included in the SEZ

The SEZs will be no more in two days' time: they will be replaced by the single Special Economic Zone, which will include the entire southern Italy, as well as the islands. Sardinia, therefore, after these two months of transition, will be incorporated into the new territorial structure, which will [...]
Industria, Servizi, Turismo

Incentivi per insediamento nuove attività nei piccoli Comuni

Legge regionale n. 3 del 09.03.2022 - Art. 13, comma 2 Con il presente banco si intendono disciplinare le modalità di accesso agli incentivi a fondo perduto per l'apertura di un'attività o unità locale o per il trasferimento d'azienda nei territori dei Comuni della Sardegna aventi, alla data del 31 dicembre 2020, una popolazione inferiore ai 3 mila abitanti.
Agricoltura, Industria, Servizi, Turismo

Nuova Sabatini - Beni strumentali

La misura Beni strumentali ("Nuova Sabatini") è l’agevolazione messa a disposizione dal Ministero delle Imprese e del Made in Italy con l’obiettivo di facilitare l’accesso al credito delle imprese e accrescere la competitività del sistema produttivo del Paese L'agevolazione sostiene gli investimenti per acquistare o acquisire in leasing macchinari, attrezzature, impianti, beni strumentali ad uso produttivo e hardware, nonché software e tecnologie digitali.

Incentivi per i microbirrifici in Sardegna

L’intervento, in attuazione della Legge Regionale 11 gennaio 2018, n.1 Art.6 comma 14, è finalizzato ad accrescere la capacità di innovazione e la competitività dei micro birrifici operanti in Sardegna attraverso l’introduzione di innovazioni di prodotto e/o di processo e l’acquisto di attrezzature e servizi di supporto all’innovazione.
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