Workforce and employment


What kind of workforce is there in Sardinia? What human resources are available for a company that chooses to operate on the Island?

According to the latest data available in 2021, out of the 563.000 units 60.7% are represented by male workers, an improvement from 60.3% in 2020.

In 2021, 53.6% of people in Sardinia are employed. Female employment stands at around 46.3%; the figure for male employment is higher (60.7% in 2021, compared to 59.0% in 2020).

The number of employees in the services sector is decreasing, while it is increasing in the industrial one. The number of workers employed in the service sector is higher than 404.825, while in the industrial sector it is around 67,819.

Employees are the most common professional figure; they stand at around 410.000 units. The enterprises in Sardinia are mostly attested in the area of the services, between which 28.685 businesses in the commercial activity (wholesale and retail commerce, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles), professional and scientific activities (16.329), manufacturing activity (7.013) construction (12.751), accommodation and catering services (10.983).

The unemployment rate in Sardinia in 2021 is equal to 13.5% (an increase of 0.2%, compared to 2020).

There is therefore a large pool of labour to be employed in stable jobs through the establishment of new productive activities. These should absorb workers leaving the traditional industrial sector or the other sectors currently affected by the economic crisis. Moreover, thanks to the paths of orientation and formation that the Region is carrying out, the high-added value expertise will grow in order to answer to the requirements of the companies.

Updated on 22/02/2023