A new international tender for the Olmedo mine

mine work

There is time until November 5 to join the tender for the award of the concession to cultivate the bauxite deposit in the Olmedo mine. The public procedure notice, activated by the Regional Industry Ministry, is aimed at all companies who meet the standard requirements. The application form, the papers and the technical documentation are available at the following link.

For specific and more detailed information, it is possible to contact the extraction activities and environmental recovery service office of the Department of Industry.

Thanks to its good quality, bauxite extracted in Olmedo can be used in various fields, such as cements production, abrasives, refractories and other materials used in hydraulic rock fracture. At present, the resources of the field are close to seven and a half million tons, with probable reserves of four and a half million tons, of which two million and 800 thousand tons are extractable.

"From the analysis and the research- Regional Minister Maria Grazia Piras explained in a note - it emerged that the bauxite deposit is much larger than expected. We are in the presence of a site that could have a greater attractiveness for investors, in an economic situation that also sees the price of bauxite rising sharply. Therefore, there are all the conditions for the Olmedo mine to have a longer-lasting industrial and productive perspective, contributing to the economic and occupational development of the area ".