Transport networks

The regional transport system plays an important and strategic role in the local economic, social and environmental development policies in Sardinia: internationalization, the development of insularity, the solution of isolation-related issues in the centre of the island, widespread accessibility, sustainable mobility in urban areas and in areas with high concentration of tourists. The Region is directly responsible for the planning and the operational and financial management of the actions aimed at upgrading and modernize the transport system in an integrated manner.


This is the right way to change the concept of insularity-insulation, making it a strength that, through flight and sea connections, can support Sardinia with major economic  and production related impacts, meeting the demand at national , Mediterranean, European levels.


Further information on transport infrastructures and regional mobility may be found on SardegnaMobilità.

The website also gives access to the Travel Planner service that may be used to plan trips with public transports: by entering the place of origin and the destination, the date and time, the user will be provided with the various travel solutions and the details of available services.

 In addition, the Regional Observatory on transport infrastructures and logistics is the information system that Unioncamere Sardegna uses to monitor the planning, implementation and development of networks and infrastructure nodes in the service sector, for both enterprises and private citizens. The joint regional infrastructure system is able to verify, analyze and periodically compare the progress of development.

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