The business advisory centre and third party services

The Regional Business Advisory Centre was created to provide assistance with single procedure applications, ensure compliance with sector-specific regulations, simplify procedures and ensure the quality and consistent services by all the municipal business advisory centres. The new structure consists of the Regional SUAPE Coordination, which is part of the General Affairs Office of the Assessorato dell'Industria, the SUAP regional network of contacts, the section dedicated to the municipal business advisory centres and a section dedicated to companies, with the technical support of ANCI and BIC Sardegna respectively. 

The Regional Business Advisory Centre is the heart of the system: it serves as a point of contact shared by all operators involved in the procedures. It is an articulated but not complex network that allows a step-by-step completion of the procedures and formalities required by the business advisory centre: the system includes the administrations involved in the procedure, i.e. regional offices, local health authorities, the fire brigade, the superintendencies and all other third parties.

The office is like the conductor of an orchestra: it coordinates those involved and allows the entrepreneur to deal easily and in the best way with the procedures, knowing where to look, what to look for and what to do.

Operators and third parties may contact the Regional Coordinating Committee to submit proposals for simplification and operational messages at: +39 070 6062677 or by email at:


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