Good practices

Decree 81 refers in several articles to the importance of good practice: to underline its usefulness whether there are no specific rules or guidelines addressing a specific problem or when they can be introduced into a company with the aim of increasing their level of safety, thanks to the experience of others.

In Italy, the body that deals with the "validation" of good practices worthy of disclosure is the Permanent Advisory Committee.

N.1 Person-centred handling (PCH)

This is an organisational and procedural solution to significantly reduce the risk of back injury to health care workers, who perform work tasks in contact with patients in need of physical support for their handling.

N.2 Safe company

It is an appropriate operational tool to promote and activate the prevention of accidents and occupational diseases through risk assessment, the adoption of prevention and protection measures, information and training.

N.3 Safe for a living: a non-ordinary history of safety on site

The solution adopted is to improve the individual safety behaviour of workers. The fundamentals of the intervention are:

  1. communication between the actors involved;
  2. observation of workers' individual, safety behaviour;
  3. positive reinforcement provided to safe behaviours.

N.4 Software for the evaluation of electrical equipment of machines prior to the Machinery Directive (not CE marked)

Support to manufacturing companies on issues related to the electrical safety of machines used in production processes.

N.5 Safety is not a game

The application in the form of a video game is aimed at consolidating the issues of health and safety in the workplace through the observation of the mechanisms that influence the perception of dangers and risks.

N.6 Risk Resolution Form

The document was drafted to outline an "operational procedure" that would ensure the safe conduct of the underwater activities of Ispra and the Environmental Agencies, aimed at operators of the system of the Agencies that perform underwater activities of monitoring and control of the state of the environment.

N.7 Safe needles

It is a technical solution that has been effective in significantly reducing accidental punctures from needles used in medical and nursing practices, both in public and private facilities.

N.8 New risk assessment process

This is an innovative procedure for accessing risk assessment.

N.9 “Safely among us"

It is a not mandatory tool for providing safety training for all employees in the environmental sector in order to improve OSH.

For more details, you can consult the attachments and the website of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

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