The cooperative


The cooperative is the form that allows you to make decisions in the most democratic way possible: this is because each member is entitled to only one vote, irrespective of the capital share she or he owns.

Please note that its incorporation must be made by means of a written deedregistered by a notary public. However, the share capital that may be made available to the cooperative is variable.

Furthermore, a cooperative does not aim to distribute profits, but is intended to secure more favourable conditions for its members. Hence, it is said that the cooperative has a mutual aid purpose.

The cooperative must consist of at least nine partners. The minimum number may be reduced to three if:

  • the members are all individuals;
  • the charter provides for the adoption of the rules and regulations of limited liability companies.

The partners can be:

  • cooperators, who have joined the company to obtain more favourable conditions;
  • subsidizers, who contribute funds;
  • backers, who provide sources of external resources.

In addition, cooperatives enjoy tax facilitations. Remember that agricultural and fishing cooperatives, as well as employment and social cooperatives, enjoy a partial exemption from the IRES tax.

For further information on cooperatives, please refer to Articles 2511 and those following of the Italian Civil Code, full text available at the following link:

For further information on how the Italian IRES tax works, please refer to the Guide to IRES.

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