Health & Safety


How to plan for health and safety before starting your activity

Before starting your activity it is essential to make a preliminary analysis to define the list of your needs. Proper collection and analysis of information will help you make decisions and the necessary plans and arrangements.

Organise your workplace

Your company's premises and activities must be organised clearly. You should prepare a diagram of your workplace and identify the resources needed in each phase. Decide which and how many workers will have H&S duties and establish the roles and responsibilities of each.

Find out your company's risk class

ISTAT (the Italian Statistical Office) uses the ATECO classification to identify all types of economic activities in the Italian territory. Knowing which ATECO sector you belong to will allow you to identify your activity's risk class and your workers' training needs.

Identify the rules applicable to your company

Identify the main national and local legislation, regulations and standards of good technical practice applying to your company's specific sector. This will allow you to identify immediately the main arrangements you need to make to comply with mandatory requirements.

Appoint the officer responsible for safety

According to your field of activity and number of workers, you can perform prevention and protection duties yourself or appoint a safety manager, who can be either a staff member or an external provider.

Appoint the competent doctor

In the cases where this is required, you will have to appoint a competent doctor to perform health surveillance.

Arrange for staff training

You must ensure that each worker is adequately trained about the risks associated with his/her activity.

Updated on 11/09/2017