1. How does SUAPE support entrepreneurs and foreign citizens?

SUAPE is also the only interlocutor for foreign citizens who want to start or develop an entrepreneurial initiative in Sardinia. Through the IT platform, everyone can submit the application relating to their company to be established or to grow and carry out construction works.

2. How can I present a practice to start my business in Sardinia?

The practices can be presented exclusively online by accessing the platform and authenticating through the digital identity SPID, through the health card enabled as a National Service Card or an IDM account.

3. Can I delegate a legal representative to present the file?

Yes, the file can also be filed through a legal representative and the holder of the file can always verify the progress by accessing the system with their credentials.

4. How long after the presentation of the file can I start my business?

The time to create or develop the productive activity is certain thanks to the procedure in self-certification to zero or 30 days or in conference of services.

5. I bought a house/ apartment in Sardinia and I have to carry out some work. To whom do I have to turn for the authorisation?

Since 2017, the one-stop shop for productive activities has also included practices regarding residential construction. A single interface for both entrepreneurs and citizens who can use the SUAPE platform for enterprise and construction practices.

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